Season 2011-12

Season 2011-12 had the following rules:

Each competitor had to attend one competition in each country (min. 3 competitions). Minimum for qualifying were 3 competitions in 3 different countries in 2 year cycle. Competitor that participated in more than one competition in one country chose the better result. Final score in cup ranking was the sum of 4 competitions in 3 countries where fourth was the best score beside the mandatory 3 in 3 countries. Overall winner of the cup was the contestant with the highest total number of points from 4 competitions in 3 countries where it reached best results. The best score from each country was summed to final score. Each competitor received points for the cup on the basis of his overall ranking on each of the competitions. Points for the cup were awarded as followed:

For 1st place 18 points
For 2nd 15 points
For 3rd 12 points
For 4th 10 points
For 5th 8 points
For 6th 6 points
For 7th 5 points
For 8th 4 points
For 9th 3 points
For 10th 2 points
For 11th to 15th 1 point

Club ranking points were awarded on each competition. Club ranking is based on the sum of points of 2 competitors from each team no matter in which class (DSLR or compact). All the teams got scores the same way as individuals. Competitor with highest score won the cup.

If two competitors in top 10 final cup ranking were even then the following rule came into play. The better was the one with more highest places taking into account all the competitions. If they were still even then we took into account who had more and better top 3 rankings. If they were still even than we checked who had more and better rankings in each category on all competitions. If they were still even than the one who won or was better in the latest competition won the cup.

Here you can check the final ranking for season 2011-12