Below you can find links to organizers of particular competition, together with our minimum criteria that have to be met by each of the hosts.


Minimum criteria:    

1. All the organizers are committed to keep informed each other about local photography events so each of them can spread the word through their national diving community.

2. All the organizers are committed to inform each other on every public presentation or announcement of IUPC or a particular photographer that has joined the IUPC or his work no matter on type of media that has publishing the news.

3. All the approximate dates of competitions have to be defined by the end of each year for next year. The precise dates and propositions of each competition must be announced no later than 30 days before the competition takes place. If this condition is not met than the competition will be eliminated from the IUPC or postponed for the later time.

4. Organizers of each competition that is part of the IUPC have to pay a fee of 75€ for purposes of organizing the final event. In this way each of the organizing countries contributes a total of 150€ each cycle for the final event. If a particular country participates less it is obliged to pay the deficient amount. If a particular country has more competitions in IUPC so the amount of fees would exceed 150€, than it is exempted to pay additional fees. In this manner each cycle IUPC has to gather a total amount of 600€ for the final event.

5. It is recommended that all the competitions are carried out in two days, so there is enough time for proper execution of competition as well as for sightseeing and social gathering.

6. Each host must do his best to get relevant and qualified jury for competition. The jury must consist of minimum 3 judges. It is recommended to announce the names of the jury no later than 30 days before the competition.

7. Each host must take care of local media coverage, good sponsors for prizes and swift local organization.

8. Each host must consider the logistics of competitors, so it is desired to provide affordable lodging as close to the competition site as possible.

9. It is highly recommended that each host provides a calibrated professional monitor or projector in a room with no or very little ambient light where the judging of photos is performed.

10. Announcement of the results must be made at least 30 min before the screening of photos and before the award ceremony takes place. The announcement of complete results with scores must be made in written form detailed for both classes, every category, together with best of show announcement and club rankings. On the list of results all the disqualifications must be distinctly marked, along with the name of the person who is accountable for complaints.
11. 30 min or more after the announcement there should be screening of all photos by category. It is recommended that the jury explains their criterion for their markings and their impressions at each photo.

12. After the screening of photos there should be a proper award ceremony. The organizer must provide enough time to execute ceremony in a respectful and festive manner. There should be enough time to make photos of all winners with their medal and trophies.

13. It is mandatory for the organizer that all the photos made during the competition together with detailed results by categories and classes are put on a transportable digital media and handed to web administrator for promotional purposes on IUPC official web page. For the easiest managing of photos it is highly recommended to hand them out in the following format:
CategoryRank_Name_Surname_NameOfCompetition_PointsAwarded (exp. F03_John_Smith_Ada_24). The pictures should be in JPG format with full EXIF data.

14. The organizers must write a short report (300 words) about competition and hand it over no latter than 7 days after the competitions has finished. The report must include:

  • (1) total number of competitors
  • (2)number of competitor in each class (DSLR and COM)
  • (3) total number of clubs
  • (4) total number of nationalities
  • (5) weather report, visibility and water conditions
  • (6) short assessment of all the photos in general
  • (7) organizational problems if there were any
  • (8) short report on award ceremoy
  • (9) attach jury list and complete results by category, final and team rankings