Italy is OUT of the CUP

Italian member of IUPC initiative board Andrea Tosi informed us, that Italy is out of the Cup. Due to organizational problems and lack of representatives, Italy has CANCELED the UW Ghisleri competition, that was scheduled for 15.-16.10.2011. Italy is also stepping out of the IUPC and is canceling all future events, until new club or representative is found, who is willing to organize the event on proper level, meeting minimum IUPC standards. Unfortunately we lost one country, but we hope new enthusiasts will emerge and move things forward in Italy.


Because of this general rules have changed according to the situation. Now there is a new minimum of 3 competitions in 3 countries. Please check the details for season 2011-12 in "general rules" section.


This definitely is a bit discouraging, but no matter what, we will continue towards our goal and will continue to spread our enthusiasm for underwater photography and will keep on raising awareness of conserving natural habitats and their beauty. We are sure that our model is good, so more countries will join the Cup in the future.