Below you can find names and short biographies of IUPC jury members. It consists of professional photographers that have long history in photography and broad knowledge of particularities of underwater photography as well as photography in general. They have to be up to date with the latest technology and trends in underwater photography as well as possessing precise knowledge of composition and aesthetics. These professionals build the core of our competitions being the most responsible judges assuring that each competitor is fairly judged and that the quality of underwater photography is improving with proper criteria and correct judgments.


Photo: www.drm-drustvo.si

Arkadij Popovič - Dadi


Dadi has been into underwater photography since it's beginnings. Taking first pictures with homemade housing in 1963, he is one of the pioneers of underwater photography in Slovenia. He has got great acknowledgement through his work in creative underwater photography and stereoscopic presentations. He has won many national titles and has competed on two World Championships. Due to his creativity and sence for photography, he is a common member of various photo juries since 2000.




Photo: Arne Hodalič

Arne Hodalič


Arne is a world renowned photographer having his pictures published in many magazines. His first exhibition of photos dates back in 1977 and he had many since. In 1990 he specialized in underwater photography and video, a year latter got his first world attention with article on human fish (Proteus anguinus). Since 1997 Arne is official photographer for Sector No Limits. In 2007 he has published the article A River's Gifts in National Geographic. He is a great photographer widely acknowledged and with great experience in photojournalism and underwater photography.



Borut Furlan


Borut started with underwater photography in 1979, building his own housing and participating in competitions. In ten years (1994 to 2003) he won national title every year. In 2000 he won 3rd place on World Championship in Egypt. Borut had many exhibitions, his work is published in many domestic and foreign publications. In 2008 he won 1st place and Best of Show on Our World Underwater, 2009 2nd place in wide angle on Hugycup, 2010 1st place in Environment and conservation on Deep Indonesia. He is a great competitor and well versed photographer.



Photo: Gianni Pecchiar

Gianni Pecchiar


Gianni started with underwater photography in 1980. He is a perfectionist, his photographs are very clean and technically perfect. In 1997 he was the Italian National Champion, as the only photographer ever to have won without a model. Today he represents a bridge between Slovenian and Italian photographers and often takes part of various international underwater photography juries. Being often in contact with many photographers, Gianni has all the information regarding modern trends in world-wide underwater photography.



Photo: Milan Tomazin

Milan Tomažin - Tyson


He is a member of Police Special Forces and his unit mainly deals with diving. He started with underwater photography in 1995, when his unit got professional Nikonos RS cameras. Soon he started to achieve visible results in various competitions and contests, receiving silver medal in 1999 in category creation on CMAS 50 Judges Competition in Singapore in 1999. Lately he hosted some underwater exhibitions of his photographs.