General rules

IUPC is OPEN for all schools and nationalities


All the competitions that are part of the IUPC are open to all diving schools and all nationalities. The competitions have to comply with general rules but each competition has its own specific rules that are defined by the local organizer due to special conditions and organization. Propositions and categories for each competition are determined by the organizer and host of the competition, in accordance with the specificities of local organization and local waters, but in accordance with the rules of international CMAS diving association and general IUPC rules. You can find specific rules of each competition under the section “propositions”.


IUPC consists of 8 splash-in competitions in 3 countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia). The goal of cup is development of underwater photography in this region and preparing competitors for world championship and giving them chance to improve their techniques and compete with best photographers of the region.


As an all splash-in cup it is NOT allowed to alter the photos outside the camera. The photographer can use any type of settings and in camera manipulation.  All images have to be in the JPEG-File format. If the camera has the possibility to save images as a RAW+ JEPG file, the participant is allowed to use the RAW-file format, if the integrated JEPG- file is a separate file and not only part of the RAW-file.Photographers can use standard equipment with all kind of strobes and filter but they cannot post process photos outsude the camera in any way. All of the photographers have to show what they can do with their cameras in same aquatorium!

Any manipulation of the photos outside the camera will result in possible disqualification and elimination of the competitor from the cup.


For detailed information on rules see section “propositions”.




DSLR and COMPACT classes and categories


All competitions included in the IUPC are held in two classes. One for DSLR (digital reflex cameras) and the other for compact (digital compact) cameras. The organizers can choose min. 3 and max. 4 from 6 categories:


- Wide-angle without model (WA)*
- Wide-angle model (WM)

- Fish (F)**

- Macro (M)
- Macro theme (MT)

- Creative (C)***


*Category WA and WM can be joined into category W. In each of three categories use of 35mm lenses or less is mandatory!
**Category F is mandatory!
***Category C can substitute M or MT category when the terrain is too poor for interesting macro subject.


It is recommended to choose diverse categories from one of the following models:


(3a) W, F, M
(3b) W, F, C
(4a) WA, WM, F, M
(4b) W, F, M, MT



IUPC points and ranking


IUPC has a two year cycle during which competitors can gain points. Competitors have to attend at least one competition in each country in two year time. To qualify for the cup each competitor needs to attend at least one competition in each founder’s country. Minimum for qualifying is 3 competitions in 3 different countries in 2 year cycle. Competitor that is participating in more than one competition in one country can choose from the better result. Final score in cup ranking will be the sum of 4 competitions in 3 countries where fourth will be the best score beside the mandatory 3 in 3 countries. Overall winner of the cup is the contestant with the highest total number of points for a total sum of the 4 competitions where it reached the best results in 3 countries.


Each competitor gets points for the cup on the basis of his overall ranking on each of the competitions. Competitors will be awarded points on basis of their final ranking on each competition. Points for the cup will be awarded as followed:


For 1st place 18 points
For 2nd 15 points
For 3rd 12 points
For 4th 10 points
For 5th 8 points
For 6th 6 points
For 7th 5 points
For 8th 4 points
For 9th 3 points
For 10th 2 points
For 11th to 15th 1 point


If two competitors in top 10 final cup ranking are even then the following rules come into play. The better is the one with more highest places taking into account all the competitions. If they are still even then we take into account who has more and better top 3 rankings. If they are still even than we check who has more and better rankings in each category on all competitions. If they are still even than the one who won or was better in the latest competition in cup wins.


Besides the individual ranking there are also club ranking points awarded on each competition. Club ranking is based on the sum of points of 2 competitors from each team no matter in which class (DSLR or compact). All the teams get scores the same way as individuals do, following the sistem:


For 1st place 18 points
For 2nd place 15 points
For 3rd place 12 points
For 11th to 15th 1 point


Scoring and summing for the final cup ranking are also same as for individuals.



IUPC is responsible for final score


IUPC initiative board can correct the scoring and reinterpret the results of each competition in case of mistakes with summing up points or when jury disregards propositions by mistake or on purpose. IUPC board will correct eventual mistakes and recalculate the correct ranking.



Final event


Final event is held in the country of the presiding. The country that presides to the cup is also in charge of calculation and accuracy of the final results in cup ranking and their presentation in the media. The exact date of final event will be known and published by the date of last competition.


Number, place and date for the next season competitions and final event are coordinated and vaguely determined by the end of the calendar year and are valid for next year.


Formal announcement of the winner of the Cup is held at the end of each cycle, each time in another founder’s country.