About IUPC

The founders of IUPC are:

In the desire to develop underwater photography, among divers, lovers of the sea and underwater world, with the aim of spreading awareness of the beauty and protection of the underwater world at large, representatives of the above societies have agreed to establish INTERNATIONAL UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY CUP.


International Cup (IUPC) includes open splash-in competitions in underwater photography in four contries (Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia) for current two year cycle. The competitions are organized in all the countries of the foundering member’s societies. The goal of the IUPC is to assess and encourage perseverance, professionalism and top quality of competitors - authors of the underwater photography.


Initiative board is arranging all the preparations for the on-going execution of the Cup, including getting support by the State Diving Association and CMAS commission, obtaining sponsors, monitoring proper conduct of the competition and creating a booklet at the end of Cup.

Members of the initiative board are:

  • Rok Kovačič (for DRM Ljubljana and Slovenia)
  • Andrea Tosi (for Ghisleri and Italy)
  • Janez Kranjc (for Svet Ronjenja and Serbia)
  • Marino Brzac (for KPA Adria and Croatia)

Once a year initiative board meets to check results, improve organization and coordinate further development of cup. All the decisions are accepted by voting where each foundering country has one vote.


Each country’s presidency is temporary and lasts until the end of one cycle. Presidency is transferred each time to the country that has not yet been presiding or was presiding first. So every country gets its turn before the others that have already been presiding do. Each country can skip its turn and pass the presidency on to next, but so it loses chances to preside for 3 cycles. When all the countries have had chances to preside to IUPC, then again the first country gets presidency.

Initiative board admitted presidency for cycle 2015-2016 to Rok Kovačič (SLO)


President in 2013-14 cycle was Janez Kranjc (SRB)

President in 2011-12 cycle was Rok Kovačič (SLO)
President in 2010 cycle was Marino Brzac (HR).