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Welcome to our site where we offer you all the information regarding International Underwater Photography Cup. Feel free to explore this site and send as an e-mail on what you think about it. Please let us now if you find any mistakes or missing information. We hope you will get all the needed information and that you will enjoy our galleries. We hope that we'll be able to improve this cup year after year until it becomes a real reference to all the photographers in European region.


If you are a club or a diving association and would like to join our competitions as a competitor or you would like our support at organizing your own underwater photography competition do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is spreading the knowledge and improving the quality of underwater photography in general. We are looking forward to helping you.


If you are a sponsor looking to support our goals as a group of emerging underwater photographers let us know, because it is always nice to get support. We are always eager to spread the word about the beauty of underwater world and the need for respect, conservation and protection of our waters. Keep our waters clean and use them sparingly. Because only where there is WATTER there is LIFE.


Photo by Andrea Tosi